Malawi: I never thought I’d see this…

First, thanks for your patience for updates. One Baptist does an amazing job making every minute count while we are here, so not a second is wasted.
Having said that, a couple days ago we went to a village where children are literally raising children! Let me explain.
These are families whose parents have either died and/or abandoned them. This leaves the oldest sibling with no choice but to figure out how to protect and provide for their younger siblings.
They got word that we were coming to do a VBS activity with them, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that there were estimated to be 500+ children who showed up!
I’m not sure what percentage of them were “child head of household”, but it was a bunch!
When we were pulling up, I’d say from 1/4 mile away when they saw us coming, they began to shout with joy and excitement. By the time we pulled up, they were chanting and rejoicing that we had arrived!!
Then began the activities. First, we played with them. On that note, I don’t know how many young boys and girls (anywhere from 6-12 years of age) were holding their baby brother or sister in their arms while they came to play).
Can you imagine that?
But they played their heart out the best they could under the circumstances. This was most likely and literally the BEST day of their year in terms of the joy and excitement that they experienced.
Next: our team did a skit about Adam and Even to explain how man fell into sin and how God had a remedy! The kids were glued!! THEY LOVED IT!!!
Then (and there is no way I can say everything so Im giving you the highlights from my personal perspective), it was time ti give the invitation to receive Christ as Savior. I was asked to do the honors.
I then proceeded to recap the Gospel message for clarity and asked for a show of hands from those who knew they had sin and wanted ti be forgiven. Countless hands went up!
So as cautiously and with as much clarity as I could, I asked them to pray from their hearts a sinner’s prayer out loud with me (If you don’t believe someone desperate for Jesus can get saved being led this way, then you don’t have to), and you ought to have heard those precious voices in their own language calling out loud to the Jesus for forgiveness and salvation.
Oh, and I did not even mention the adult Muslims who were there and who came to Christ! One had already repented if their head piece that associated them with the Muslim faith and took it off even though “my hair is a mess” (she said)!
Words can not describe what happened that day. And before anyone gets critical for how we lead them to Jesus, let me just give some food for thought. How about trying to logistically, one on one, with a translator, spend 20 minutes per person with HUNDREDS to “make sure they got it”.
At the end of it all, we lead them ti Christ, and we trust Him to know who He saved and ti follow up with the seeds sown as the Holy Spirit does!
I will never forget that day. I will post something on Facebook with pics and/or video clips, so be sure to be on the lookout.
Your Love and Support are Appreciated!
Pastor Gary
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