“Your greatest disciples will be your own children!”

These are the words I heard in my heart from The Holy Spirit one day while I was feeling discouraged at what appeared then to be a fruitless ministry.  Little did I know in that despairaging moment (that all of us pastors face) that those words would serve to pick me up many many times later on in ministry.

Today, I’m glad to tell you that this statement spoken to me years ago has and is coming to pass before my very eyes…TO GOD BE THE GLORY!  My five sons, Elijah (23), Caleb (21), Joseph (19), & twins Jonathan and Jude (16), have not only grown up in church, but grown up serving and ministering in both word and song, as they have God-given talents, for which we are deeply grateful!

I call them “my ministry team”, but truthfully, they are not mine.  They belong to God!  They are indeed the sons of God!!  Each of them have trusted Christ as their own Savior, and are willing to be vessels for His use.

Introducing now what I’d like to call, “The Sons of God” ministry.

Elijah surrendered to preach at a young age, and has developed a tremendous speaking ability and knows his Bible doctrine to where I’d trust him in any pulpit!  He has and continues to do pulpit supply as often as possible for several local churches.

Furthermore, he and his brothers work well together musically.  They even write and compose their own powerful Gospel music, and have a fresh anointing of The Lord upon their music ministry!  Not only that, but they have served for years in the Good News Club locally, helping share the Gospel with many young people in our school system.

Having said that, we feel it is our duty to “train up a child” and “make disciples” of our sons.  They work well together, have a passion for God, and desire to serve Him.  Therefore, we are sending them forth!

Although they play an active and vital role in helping us with our ministry at Oak Grove Baptist Church, we want to make them available to any local church that may be looking for what I would consider to be the perfect combination evangelistic team (preaching AND singing).

Specifically, we feel they would serve well with youth events for our local churches such as revivals, rallies, etc., but are certainly not limited to just youth meetings.  Their availability would be on a case by case basis, depending on scheduling and possibilities.  Suffice it to say that we are looking to send them out for night/weekend events that do not include Sundays at this point, except in very rare occasions where an exception may be needed.

Should your church be interested in using our sons in either their music or preaching gifts, please feel free to contact us!   A playlist of some of their music is below, as well as a clip of our son Elijah speaking.  Your prayers and/or support for this ministry would be greatly appreciated!  Amy and I, of course, will serve with them as much and as often as possible or needed as well.

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Gary Caudill


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