And because he was of the same craft, he abode with them, and wrought: for by their occupation they were tentmakers.
(Acts 18:3 KJV)

Are you a Christian business owner who would like to increase your profits while simultaneously supporting a Gospel spreading ministry?  If so, please consider the following…

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Status as of 09–18–2021


Goal:  1,000 Christian Business Partners

The Apostle Paul notoriously used the works of his own hands in order to support the work of the ministry to which God had called him.  Although he built the Biblical case that he could have, in every right, depended soley upon the church for his personal provision, he chose rather to be as resourcesful as possible so as to benefit the body of Christ even further in many ways.

Seeing his example, we feel that in many ways, we too are “tent makers” for Jesus.  That is, we use our skillsets to subsidize our ministry income in order for the work of God to go on, and in order to be able to stay where it is that God has planted us in His kingdom!

Pastor Gary is “a man of many hats”, as he is a Pastor by calling, an office manager by trade, and an entreprenuer by zeal.  The latter is where we now draw your attention.

Kingdom Marketing now introduces to you our first affiliate, PayJuction, where you WILL save money by cutting down on your credit card processing fees AND management costs.  Our average client saves on average 15-20% on fees alone.

Example:  One of Pastor Gary’s recent clients is projected to save HUNDREDS a month by switching to PayJunction from their current provider.

Please take 30 seconds (literally) with your most recent merchant account statement in hand to learn how much we can save your business.  There, you can request a quote of your savings, learn more about PayJunction, and schedule an appointment to get the ball rolling!  And the best part?  As long as you remain our customer, not only will you benefit monthly from the savings, but Pastor Gary’s ministry will also be supported monthy with your partnership!  Visit now, and share this page with others…you’ll be glad you did!




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