God has been SO good to us, and we believe that, just as the scriptures teach, it is more blessed to give than to receive.

It is our desire at GCM to have what we like to call a “balanced giving portfolio”.  That is, identify each catagory of giving specifically mentioned in scriptures, then set out to give as much and as often as we can in each catagory.

Below, click on any of the sripture images to see who we currently support in light of the catagories these scriptures instruct us to support.

We support these ministries in faith believing that God will use us to help them reach their goals, and also believing that when we give, we can’t out-give God!

We believe that if we ever stop giving, we will stop the flow of blessings that God intended for us to function in as we minister ourselves.

Furthermore, we do not share this information with the intent to “brag” on our accomplishments (for they are little, I assure you!).  Rather, we simply want you to know that we try to “practice what we preach” by not asking anyone to do what we ourselves are not willing to do; namely, support the work of ministry in both giving and finances.

To GOD be the glory; great things HE hath done!

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