Phase 1 Status as of:




Stay tuned for Phase 2 of our fundraising efforts for True North, which will cover radio opportunities and associated costs as God gives direction.

“True North” is a broadcast created and published to be a constant and steady voice of truth, guidance, & certainty in a world of shifting sand.

God, through His precious people, have covered the costs of phase 1, which cover the following…
(1) initial set up costs,
(2) professionally edited and packaged audios, and
(3) distribution on all 3 major podcast platforms world wide…for 1 whole year, with a little extra to spare for misc. items that may pop up.

What’s more, these audios will be prepped professionally to be aired on radio stations all across the nation as God opens those doors as well.  We are praying for nationally syndicated opportunities, and these audios will match the criteria for such an endeavor.

This current fund raiser does not pay for any advertising but it does and has already placed us on the 3 major podcast platforms and “live”!  Plus, we trust that God will bless the growth of the program through social media and word of mouth, as well as partners who may feel led to help us boost our program in front of more people!

GCM is looking forward to the possibilities of reaching more with the Gospel in 2021 than perhaps we ever have before, as we seek God for guidance and capability.

If there ever were a time that we MUST let our voices be heard for Jesus, IT IS NOW!!!

From launching a new podcast, to eventually a new radio program on 110 stations around the country, to our first mission trip to Ghana, west Africa (which already happened in February/March of 2021)…we are expecting GOD to do GREAT THINGS!!

Would you prayerfully consider how God might have you play a part in becoming a GCM partner? We need both prayer partners and financial partners to spear head these efforts and ensure success as God blesses His people to help us spread the Gospel!!




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