First of all, our greatest need, and one that we cannot over-emphasize, is the need for prayer!  Be sure to follow us by email so that you can stay current on what’s happening at GCM and so that you can better know how to pray for us!

Secondly, GCM always has special projects going for which we are raising needed funds.  Be sure to browse all of our web pages to look for any specific projects for which you may be interested in getting involved financially.  Links and instructions will be provided accordingly per project.

Lastly, we are also praying for monthly supporters who will come alongside us financially to help us make up the difference between where we currently are on all of our goals, and where we need to be.  We thank God for those who already give in this capacity, and believe that He will lead those to us that will be a fit for our ministry.  Should you feel called of the Lord to help us in this capacity, all we ask is that you be obedient to the Lord in your surrender, and then contact us! to discuss your best giving options, as we are still working on preparing this option for online recurring giving, but are not quite there yet.

Blessings to you all!

Pastor Gary D. Caudill


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