Gary Caudill Ministries Update…

It’s been a while but I’ll be brief!

Our family, as many of you already know, has relocated to our new place of ministry as I began pastoring Washington Heights Baptist Church in Thomson GA on the first Sunday in July.

Time would not permit me to explain to you all the details that lined up providentially in order for God to both continuously confirm and aid us in this major transition, suffice it to say, we believe we are right in the middle of a move of God!!

We have been very active during this ongoing transition, and God is already showing His faithfulness in helping our ministry grow and expand at church, on social media, and on radio (we are now on 3 radio stations and growing, to God be the glory!).

We have also baptized two young men in our church who stepped forward and wanted to make their faith in Jesus known publicly. Furthermore, last Sunday after church, another young 12 year old boy gave his heart and life to Jesus, and we eagerly anticipate when we can baptize him as well. All glory belongs to Jesus!!

Going forward, we plan to bring you devotions as well as ministry updates as time permits. Thank you for your patience, as we have taken necessary time to adjust to our new place of ministry.

To all of you who love, pray for, and support our ministry in any way, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and we love you dearly.


Pastor Gary Caudill

P.S. Feel free to check out our listed radio stations and air times at Also, you might want to check out our brand new church website at

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