Devotion: New Beginnings

Today’s Reading: Psalm 87-88, Romans 13

Today’s Reflection:  Psalm 87:5   And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her: and the highest himself shall establish her.

God Almighty has chosen for Himself mount Zion in which and from which to glorify His name and His fame throughout the earth!   So significant is this location to Him that in verse one, it is referred to as “His foundation…”.  

Much is to be said about foundational works in the earth.  In fact, specifically looking at mount Zion, we know that King David took it when it was known as the strong hold of an enemy who boasted of its impenetrability (see 2 Sam. 5:6).  But as my Bible so eloquently states, “Nevertheless David took the strong hold of Zion…”

Could it be that David’s passion for God’s heart may have influenced God’s decision in selecting mount Zion as His foundational location for His works in the earth?  I’m simply asking the question.  One thing is sure; foundations, birth places, first happenings, breakthroughs, etc. all have one thing in common… they are noteworthy for both God and mankind.

Who doesn’t commemorate such occasions?  In most all significant relationships, moves, decisions, etc., we often cherish the beginnings of all such meaningful happenings in our lives.

I said all that to say this; just as this principle is illustrated in the heart and mind of God in our passage, so you should anticipate seeing God’s Divine hand involved in the new things of your life.  Learn to look for the significance of what new works God is beginning for you, as they will inevitably lead to some of the most impactful, memorable, and life-altering days of your life.  Who knows; the new place in which you find yourself may be, in the mind of God, YOUR “mount Zion”!  Trust Him!

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