Feb. 1, 2021 Update…

Wow…what a blessed way to start off the new year!  We’re already into February, and have seen God do some great things already this year!…

  1. We have raised nearly half what we need for our new True North broadcast to get it up and running…praise God for that!  The rest will come as God sees fit.  We trust His timing and leading on this.  We should have a launch later this week or next week, Lord willing!  We have enough to launch and run for several weeks.  More on this project later.

  2. Ghana, West Africa, here we come!  We will be flying out on Feb. 16th, and returning on March 3rd.  We desire your prayers!! We do have an additional $600 need explained on our page here that we are praying God will provide for.  Thanks in advance for your prayers for our mission trip.  Please pray for safety, protection, and success as we go to preach the Gospel “beyond”!!

  3. We baptised a 9 year old girl named Alex yesterday, who recently received Christ as her Lord and Savior!!  This was def. the highlight of my week, and we look forward to what God has in store for this sweet little girl who is soaking up the Word of God like a sponge!  If you’re ever in the area, you are welcome to come worship with us.  See map link and service times here.

  4. We have a young man under our spiritual watchare (who shall at this point remain anonymous), who is seeking the Lord about surrending to preach the Gospel.  He has asked me to pray for confirmation, as he wants to be sure that he is hearing clearly and correctly from The Lord.  Please help us pray about this matter!!

Well, we could say a lot more, but we’ll have to park it here for now.  Let me end by simply saying again…THANK YOU for all your love and support…we could not do this without you!!

In Christ’s Service,

Pastor Gary D. Caudill

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