WOW!! What a Legacy!!

I’m BLOWN AWAY!! This may be a bit lengthy, but it’s very important to me that I say it.

Time would not permit me to start all the way from the beginning with all the details; suffice it to say that my father, Ravon Caudill, has been supporting this ministry almost from day one of its inception. This means that Dad and Emmanuel have been yoked together in some capacity in ministry for over 26 years now.

From when they first met so many years ago and Emmanuel had a young family and no ministry as of yet, to now a man who has a Christian school with hundreds of students and a mission that trains national pastors to send out and plant churches, and a lot more I don’t have time to mention right now, even Dad was SO blessed to find that since he last came here 4 years ago, Pastor Emmanuel’s ministry has blossomed like the garden of God!!

What makes this so special to me? Well, my father would not have me say it, but I just happen to know that many years ago, Emmanuel’s ministry faced some storms that threatened its very existence. My father then committed to sending a minimum of $100 a week (and at times as much as $400 at a time if needed) for about 6 years to ensure that Emmanuel would not have to close the ministry.

This was not money that Dad raised support for, but what he gave out of his own pocket.

Because of that, today, I see a growing, thriving ministry. I indeed have entered into other men’s labors, but not just any man…my very own father. I’m blessed! I’m inspired! I’m honored!!

So now when I see church plants taking place right before my very eyes through this ministry, in villages that had no gospel witness beforehand, I’m blown away that God did that at least in part, through my Dad!

This is the goodly heritage I am now a part of, because of his sacrifice, Emmanuel’s sacrifice, and many of you who sacrificed financially to help me get here.

Look at what God can do through one man who, as a corn of wheat, dies in the ground only to bring forth much fruit!
Dad will be the first to tell you that he takes no credit or glory for what GOD is doing. But I do wish to bring honor to whom honor is due.

If I preach and others respond, it is because my Dad paved the way for me to be here. It is because Emmanuel committed to toughing it out and being a faithful steward of the ministry entrusted to him by our Lord. Those souls are on their account, not mine!

It was made easier for me because they pioneered a ministry together against all odds and obstacles too numerous to mention.

But here they stand; here WE stand, in the midst of a GREAT move of God, because of men who loved Jesus more than their next breath or next meal.

These men are giants of faith. They are my heroes. I will forever be indebted to them for the examples they have set and the footprints they are leaving me to walk in.

May God give me the strength, fortitude, and determination of these great men of God with which I am truly honored to serve beside these two weeks!


Pastor Gary D. Caudill

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