Too soon but too late!

I know you have not heard from me much lately. That is because we have had to adjust our journey dramatically in response to our lead pastor’s need for rest and recovery time from having contracted malaria.

We began planning Sunday night after Dad and I prayed, received council, and made our decision.

We then began the process of making our way back to America. Although we will be home 5 days sooner that originally planned, and though naturally speaking, this feels too soon to leave, yet it’ll also too late! Let me explain.

Satan tried to stop us from coming…twice. But it’s too late. Satan tried to shut Pastor Emmanuel completely down before we even got here, but he was too late.

Satan tried to keep me from seeing my spiritual legacy passed down from my father’s 26+ year fight of faith on this mission field, but it’s too late!

Bottom line; God prevailed! I now have what God sent me for and what Satan tried to keep me from getting. I now have my spiritual birth right, so to speak.

If there ever were a foreign mission field into which I’m destined to be a part of for the rest of my days, I’m convinced this is it!

However, whenever, whatever it takes, so help me God, I (and perhaps Ghana) will never be the same if God will help me to carry on this work with the partners He entrusts to my care. I’m not saying I’ll come in as a flaming evangelist and set the woods on fire for Jesus, but what I am saying is that I have every intention, if God will help me, to help these precious national pastors have what they need to do so themselves.

May God do it is my prayer!

Pastor Gary D. Caudill


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