Tie My Hands and Break My Heart

Bound in Sin my Savior Found me
Tangled up, a Mangled Mess
In Love and Grace He then Unbound Me
My Will and Ways I Lost for His!

He Shod My Feet with Gospel Aim
Then Filled My Mouth with Gospel Truth
He Loosed My Hands to Praise His Name
And Gave Command to Preach to You

And Once You Call Upon His Name,
And Get Forgiveness For Your Sins
He Takes Away Your Guilt and Shame
Your Course He Sets, More Souls To Win

And There we Are, In Fields of White
Side by Side, We Unify
The Work Load Heavy, but Workers Light
No Time to Waste, as Time Flies By

So Work We Must While it is Day
For Night will Come, Light turns to Dark
Don’t Tie my Hands in Any Way
Lest you Rob my Goal and Break my Heart.

© Gary Caudill, 2017, all rights reserved.

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