The Plight of the Pioneer

We know our stay is short When once we make our mark We are thirsty for more
The breath of the Divine Upon our souls moves softly As if to catch our sail And further advance our gain Into the great beyond
Contentment is a stranger As we ease onward North
We seem adrift with no set destination in mind While we await our Master’s call
Then we hear it again Our next frontier we must embrace No matter the unknowns We go again to seek His face
We settled once, and then again And this once more, or ever after
Who knows but God If or when we settle down Or will we move and move Until we reach the shores of Heaven
Heaven knows So let me be content only with that And keep my eye single and full of the light of this assignment Until it’s time to ask What Next
Until I breath my last or the trumpet sounds May I express His breath And sound His call To follow Him, if need be, to the ends of the Earth!
By Gary Caudill All Rights Reserved
Next Mission? Malawi Africa!
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