Feb 26 (6:45 am) Prayer Request…

Pastor Emmanuel (our national Pastor ministry coordinator, pic below) is fighting to recover from Malaria (not contagious FYI), and his lungs were agitated yesterday on the way back due to all the DUST (we are traveling down many dirt roads). He is going to the Doctor this morning for stronger medicine. Please help us pray for his recovery and well being. Thank you all!!



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  1. From the looks of the picture and I am not very good at places I have never been , but we had a missionary from our church who stayed in Nigeria for 22 years I believe. Her name was Mary Frank Kirkpatrick. She was a most wonderful person. She would stay for 4 years at a time. She had to come home due to the illness of her mother. But from your map Nigeria must be near where you are now. I am praying daily for you. She called those people her children, that is those who were converted under her leadership. They called her MAWH. I may not be spelling it right. Some of them came for her memorial service. Some may still live her in the USA. Not sure. Nannie Maude Reynolds.

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