Disappointed by old friends Who walk no longer with me now

Disappointed by their speech Who broke their promises somehow

Disappointed by allegiances That change at social whim

Disappointed expectations Leave hearts torn, & visions dim

But there’s One I know for sure Who’s more Faithful that the sun

Who won’t leave me nor forsake me When trouble comes, He never runs!

His motive PURE, His mission One To lead and guide me through the dark

Till morning comes, vision clears, And heals my broken heart.

So until then I’ll keep on Trusting This Friend more Faithful than the sun

His name is Jesus, Lord and Savior Son of God and God the Son

And even when I’m cold And Indifferent to His cause

He never stops loving me He holds me tight when my way I’ve lost

So this friend Who sticks more closely That a brother’s binding love

Will have my heart forever Till I see Him up above!

Copyright by Gary Caudill All Rights Reserved Social Media Sharing Permitted

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