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Many who know me personally know that I have always wanted to be a help and support to God’s pastors and missionaries.
Over the years, as much as I could and as much as I knew how, I attempted to love, pray for, spiritually encourage, and financially support struggling pastors and missionaries.
Though I feel like my feeble efforts have been small, due to my lack of strength and financial resources, it has not robbed me of the dream I believe God has given me to continue the efforts as I can, when I can, with what I have, be it time, treasures, or talents.
Based upon many pastor friends I have gotten feedback from over the years, perhaps to date my greatest impact has been that of the ministry of the word through encouragement.
God has called me to be a pastor, and as such, my experiences have yielded me an ability from time to time to speak truths (through personal trials and experience in ministry) that have at times been a tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement to many of God’s servants He has blessed me to cross paths with.
So, to what extent this continued effort to support God’s men grows, I do not know. One thing I DO know; I can’t neglect this effort.
Would you pray with me regarding this vision? I have attempted many things over the years; some have blessed others, and some seemed to fall flat going nowhere. Regardless, I continually endeavor to be a friend to God’s preachers.
On that note, I plan to listen to God’s voice, and walk through this process and see where God takes it.
One thing we are doing right now is giving a portion of all proceeds earned through Kingdom Web Pros to help support struggling pastors.
So if you know of a ministry or Christian business who needs a website and would love to know they’d be supplementing the income of struggling pastors, would you let them know about this ministry?
God Bless, and have a great day!
Pastor Gary Caudill
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