4-17-21 (Saturday Night)…

As a pastor, it is my routine on Saturday evenings to get alone with God in prayer, worship, and study in preparation for the Sunday morning service.
There are times I sit in the sanctuary of the church where I pastor and just soak in anointed music that speaks to my soul as I listen for God to speak.
Tonight…was different. Let me explain!
I pulled up our family’s shared YouTube account to start searching for some good music to listen to, and the first thing I saw was a video that my youngest son, Jude, had created.
What’s so special about this video, besides Jude’s God-given awesome gift of playing the drums, is his selection he chose to play to…a song about the blood of Jesus!!
Of all the music he, a 13 year old, could be playing to, here he is, ushering in the presence of God as he praises God as the psalmist admonished in the following scripture…
Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. -Psalms 150:5
I’m weeping in God’s presence as I listen, soaking in this moment where the God who saved me as an 11 year old boy has become the God of my sons, who know Him as I do…a worthy Saviour to be praised with all our might!!
Blessed be the name of The Lord!!!
Listen and enjoy the presence of God!!…

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